Realize your inherent wisdom and compassion through training in mindfulness and meditation.

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Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

The epicenter of the mindfulness movement, the 8-week MBSR class has been researched since 1979. Originated by Jon Kabat-Zinn. Laura has been teaching MBSR since 2009, and became a Certified MBSR teacher by the Center for Mindfulness at UMass Medical School in 2015.

Day-Long Retreats

These are part of the MBSR curriculum and are available to graduates of MBSR on a quarterly basis. Laura can also offer day-long and half-day retreats to beginners, and retreats on other topics.

Mindful Medicine

Mindful Medicine is a free-standing, non-profit organization that offers mindfulness retreats and support to health care providers. Mindful Medicine goals: Increase coping skills and resiliency for health professionals. Reduce and prevent burnout. Combat isolation and promote collegial connection and support.

Mindfulness & Money

Everyone has “issues” with money. This one-day or three-session class is a non-threatening way to begin to explore ways to heal our relationship with money using the teachings of Buddhism and the tools of mindfulness.

Healthcare Burnout

A one-day or half-day program for healthcare providers. CEU-ready. Laura has extensive experience on the front lines of community mental health, and personal experience with burnout. This is a systemic issue, and addressing it must go deeper than pedicures, lavender oil, and “self care”.

Transforming Your Inner Critic

This is a deep dive into the inner critical voice that can be immobilizing. Learn how it works, find a new, cleaner fuel for motivation, and gather a toolbox of antidotes.

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