Coming Back to Baseline

I remember looking ahead on the calendar and thinking, “Wow, October into November is going to be a stressful time.” And while I usually love being right, in some way, it feels so much different. The fact that this is … Continued

You can do this.

Things are scary out there. I can hear and see that people are feeling extremely tender, irritable, demoralized, or frozen. If this is true for you, you are not alone. I hope that your practice is serving you well. Though … Continued

No, your email does not find me well.

None of us are at our best right now. While this may be painfully obvious, it bears mentioning. An essential part of compassion is the recognition of suffering. Pain or suffering must be encountered and acknowledged before compassion can even … Continued

Root Yourself Deeply

When roots are deep, there is no reason to fear the wind. These next few months will likely ask a lot of us. The practices of mindfulness help us access a depth of connection, and a capacity for calm that … Continued